7th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
09.-14.11.2010 Kiel GERMANY


Sunday, November 14 | 18:00 | Schauspielhaus | Studio

Amanita Muskaria:

performed Gabriela Muskala [Poland]

Old Walerka, is wildly knocking at a door but nobody will open. She firmly believes that it’s the church door and God is not letting her in. But it is not the church door she is at - it’s just a door to some ordinary room. Walerka is losing her memory. But she also has plans to visit her sister in Buenos Aires or sons in Toronto. This confused lone figure in a flimsy nightdress is desperately trying to relocate her elusive treasured possessions (glasses, purse or address book), while simultaneously talking to God and remembering key, sometimes sinister incidents in her life. She is trying hard to make sense of her fragmented memories against her progressive mental breakdown.

Gabriela Muskala, a film and theatre actress has participated with TRIP TO BUENOS AIRES in numerous festivals in Poland and abroad. She manages to hypnotize her audience with the life story of her character who seems to be growing old in front of them. Walerka is falling apart and fading away in words. Due to Muskala’s subtle sensibility, sense of humour, distance and curiosity about her character, she is able to create a space of truth for a collective experience, as well as the individual one.

Amanita Muskarita is the pen name for Gabriela Muskala and her sister Monika Muskala. Their play draws on the life of a real person - their grandmother. It had its premiere in 2001 and both the play and Muskala’s acting received numerous awards ever since - one of them being the award from the Polish Minister of Culture.

directed by Marian Poltoranos
music by Jacek Grudzien, Greg Zglinski
produced by Teatr Jaracza, Lodz

Supported by Polish Consulate General, Hamburg

language: Polish (with English subtitles) | running time: 60 minutes