7th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
09.-14.11.2010 Kiel GERMANY


Saturday, November 13 | 20:00 | Theater im Werftpark


written directed and performed by Guillermo Luis Horta Betancourt [Cuba]

In his internationally acclaimed performance EL ARTE DE VESTIR UN KIMONO DE SEDA, the all-round artist, Guillermo Luis Horta Betancourt explores the boundaries between theatre and dance in different countries and cultures:

“I look upon ancient traditions and learn from them. I have been searching for “the memory of culture” and trying to recover or remember in my work ancient and time-tested ways to dance and act. Whenever I ask myself, what it is that I really want to teach and share with others, the answer is: help them to experience that same kind of initiation that I did when I discovered the oriental cultures of India and Japan.
I feel very close to the concept of dance in Asia. I understand theatre and dance to be a never-ending process, feeding on places and persons it encounters. Ideally, they are unspoiled by commercial and commonplace thinking, always fluid, never „ready-made“, and never really finished.
All I have to know is but the eternal whisper touching the branches of the tree I am, I only have to learn to listen ... to the wind.”

Betancourt’s performance is about God and his creation. The piece of art called “a man” is not as good as it was supposed to be…

In cooperation with/supported by German-Latin-American Society in Kiel

language: Spanish | running time: 60 minutes | German premiere