7th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
09.-14.11.2010 Kiel GERMANY


Friday, November 12 | 18:00 | Schauspielhaus | Studio

A. Volodin/adapted from William Shakespeare:

performed by Mariam Ghazanchyan [Armenia]

Polonius’ funeral is over. He was killed by Hamlet, and Ophelia is at the verge of insanity: she had lost both her father and her beloved one. She goes to her father’s room and contemplates her fate. Why did it all happen? Who is to blame - her father or Hamlet? Why did love go away just when it appeared so close and eternal? Why will she and Hamlet never become a royal couple? What should she do now? Should she do as Hamlet suggested – go to the nunnery? And then what… would that mean the end of her life?

Mariam Ghazanchyan participated with OPHELIA in several monodrama festivals and her performance has been recognized by numerous awards. She is a versatile young actress with theatre, movie and television experience.

directed by Hakob Ghazanchyan
produced by Yerevan State Youth Theatre

language: Armenian | running time: 45 minutes | German premiere