7th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
09.-14.11.2010 Kiel GERMANY


Thursday, November 11 | 18:30 | Flandernbunker | am Marinehafen


Adapted from S. Ansky, Joseph (Osip) Brodsky and Gali-Dana Zinger
with Jewish songs and prayers

performed and directed by Igor Pekhovich [Russia]

A man is but a grain of sand, a leaf in the wind of history - in his allegorical monodrama THREAD, Pekhovich unfolds a tragicomic parable of human life. By means of literary, theatrical and biblical texts, he takes the audience for a wry trip from the past into the present and from evil to divine. It is the confession of a lost soul in search of life’s true values. Acting intertwines with dancing and singing, languages merge, a man undergoes changes…

The well-known actor and director, Igor Pekhovich was Yuri Lyubimov’s student at Moscow’s Theatre Academy and has been member of the Taganka Theatre company since 1994. He presented his award-winning adaptation of Brodsky’s writings, LIFE IS STOLEN MERCHANDISE at THESPIS in 2004.

directed by Igor Pekhovich
stage design by Maria Orlova

In cooperation with Mahnmal Kilian e.V./Flandernbunker

language: Russian, Hebrew | running time: 60 minutes | German premiere