7th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
09.-14.11.2010 Kiel GERMANY


Wednesday, November 10 | 20:30 | Schauspielhaus | Studio

Daniel Ludwig:

performed by Daniel Ludwig [Switzerland]

Northern Sudan, endless horizon, sand, stones, wind, hot sun. And Mohammed. Mohammed is fifty; he is not a prophet - used to be a pilot. Mohammed tells us about white people on Tour d’Afrique, about their dreams and ambitions. They are crossing Africa on their shiny mountain bikes; helmets, sunglasses, camelbak bottles and energy bars inclusive - heading southward, through Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, to Cape Town. To the Cape of Good Hope: Cairo – Cape Town on a mountain bike - twelve thousand kilometres through ten states in four months, powered only by muscle strength. Mohammed is trying to comprehend. Because he himself is on his way to the north, to the white sea in the middle. Al bahr al abyat al mutawasset. His ambition is to reach the Mediterranean and its hidden harbours: the Northern Cape of Good Hope where small Libyan fisher boats are anchored and waiting. Europe is his destination.

The Swiss actor, author, journalist and passionate mountain biker, Daniel Ludwig succeeded to create an exceptional, both clever and witty, solo show about the gap between the global south and the north. This wonderfully effortless reflection on actual and supposed differences between cultures won him international applause and several awards. He himself participated in Tour d’Afrique in 2004.

directed by Lubosch Held

Supported by veloCenter, Kiel

language: English / Swiss German | running time: 60 minutes