Fot. Guy Labadens




7th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
09.-14.11.2010 Kiel GERMANY


Wednesday, November 10 | 19:00 | Pumpe

Ana Harcha Cortés:

performed by Viviana Souza Compagnoni [France/Chile]

LULÚ is a story of a fake saint, a farmer's daughter of today, told in a breathtaking monologue agitating against the murderous Instincts of a society spoiled by materialism and egoism.

Lulú is a lonely, tormented young woman in the quest for love and approval. Although yearning for an emotional bond, she is incapable of a wholehearted relationship. Her statements are lurid, but also deeply sad, troubled by hardship, and at times full of excessive and uncontrolled bursts of agitation. Her words are comparable to electrical discharges of fragments of her life - her past, her dreams, people and situations she's experienced - all of that amusing, chaotic, sometimes venomous. In search of herself and her roots, Lulú encounters loneliness and vulnerability which deepens her fears of life in a modern society.

The young actress, Viviana Souza Compagnoni has been working mostly in France. Ana Harcha Cortés is an author and theatre director – she directed the Chilean premiere of the popular German production “Norway today” by Igor Bauersima.

directed by Jean-Marie Broucaret
produced by Théâtre des Chimères, Biarritz & Cie Hecho en Casa, Santiago de Chile

In cooperation with/supported by Centre Culturel Français de Kiel and Mr. Willy Rogalla, Göttingen

language: French | running time: 60 minutes | German premiere