6th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
07.-14.11.2008 Kiel GERMANY

Other events

Thursday, 06.11. | 20:00 | KulturForum | admission free


Presentation with international actors under the direction of Alexander Stillmark.

Organized by Kulturwochen Nahost - radius of art

in collaboration with THESPIS and ITI Germany

Sunday, 09.11. | 11:30 | KulturForum | admission free


A lecture by Gad Kaynar, Professor of theatre and drama at the Tel-Aviv University.

60 years after its foundation, Israel still projects the image of a country beset by growing social and political tensions, most of which are unknown to outsiders due to the predominance of the ongoing and unsolved conflict that prevails since Israel’s Independence War (1948) between the Jewish majority in Israel and the Palestinians as well as some of the neighbouring Arab countries. How do Israeli playwrights and theatre artists reflect this conflict and relate to the countless wars, as well as to the terror and retaliation acts? How does the theatre react to the dystopic disintegration of the social utopias and ideology of the founding fathers? What is the role of the Holocaust in the collective memory and Politics of contemporary Israel as mediated and criticized by Israeli drama? These and other striking questions will be dealt with by Gad Kaynar in his lecture on the history of political theatre in Israel. The lecture will be sustained by visual documentation to enable a better in-sight into one of the liveliest theatre scenes in the world.

Presented in collaboration with Kulturwochen Nahost -
- radius of art

language: English | length: ca. 90 minutes (not Discussion)