5th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
10 to 17 November 2006 Kiel GERMANY

Wednesday, November 15 | 20:00 | Schauspielhaus (Studio)

performed by Armine Matzakyan (Armenia)

written by Samuel Zuloyan

directed by Janik Avetisyan

Looking for one's identity has always been a recurring and almost unavoidable monodrama theme. The variety of approaches to this theme, which seems to reflect the quintessence of theatre, is what makes this literary genre so attractive and appealing.

The Armenian actress Armine Matzakyan from Vanadzor (a city close to Spitak - the epicentre of the massive earthquake of 1988) attempts a playful and lyrical quest for meaning while exploring the three stages of existence: birth (perceived as kind), life (unique) and death (mysterious). ”From Me to Me”, based on the texts by the poet Samuel Zuloyan (1956-2000), presents a fascinating insight into the theatre of a land that has always had to fight - for its existence and against oblivion.

As Charles Aznavour, the famous singer of Armenian origin, put it: ”It is as if with every earthquake in this region, the buried bones and skeletons of millions of murdered Armenian people groaned and moaned, thus calling attention to the horror of their fate.”

Language: Armenian
Length: 60 minutes

Kindly supported by Goethe-Institute

German premiere