5th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
10 to 17 November 2006 Kiel GERMANY

Wednesday, November 15 | 18:00 | Pumpe

performed by Georg Kaser (Italy)

written by Ferruccio Cainero; freely adapted from Ruzante's: ”Parlamento de Ruzante che iera vegnù de campo”
directed by Georg Kaser
translated by Andreas ”Opal” Robatscher

Angelo Beolco (1502-1542), better known by the nickname ”il Ruzzante” or ”el Ruzante”, was an Italian actor and playwright. He is known by his rustic comedies featuring a peasant called "Ruzzante". Those plays paint a vivid picture of Paduan country life in the 16th century. Because of his "lascivious" themes and abundant use of "very dirty words" (in the evaluation of his contemporary critics), Beolco's plays were often considered unfit for educated audiences. Ruzante's favorite expletive was: ” Cancaro ai campi e a la guera e ai soldè, e ai soldè e a la guera! ("Rotten be the front and the war and the soldiers, and the soldiers and the war!").

About the year 1525, Keitl, a peasant from South Tyrol, decides to follow the rebel leader Michael Gaismair and go to war to fight against his master's repressions and for a free, better world for himself and his equals. His wishes are simple: to have a piece of arable land, enough to eat and a decent life with his woman. Naïve, idealistic, totally ignorant and unaware of all the barbarity and cruelty that awaits him, determined to stand up for his rights, he goes to war… After a couple of life-threatening adventures, he is clever enough to know how to save his skin - by all means. Keitl is not a coward and his fear for his life is comprehensible. His is a humorous and poignant homage to humanity.

Georg Kaser has countless solo performances in his repertoire - some of them awarded and all of them acclaimed. The critics wrote about ”Keitl”: “…unsurpassed, great pleasure, exquisite facial expression, gesture and language nuances. (…) One gets goose bumps when Keitl is telling about his angst in the battle field.”

Language: South Tyrol dialect
Length: 70 minutes

German premiere