5th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
10 to 17 November 2006 Kiel GERMANY

Saturday, November 11 | 17:00 | Pumpe

performed by Jolanta Juszkiewicz (Australia)

based on Henrik Ibsen's ”The Lady from the Sea” adapted by Jolanta Juszkiewicz
directed by Kate Gaul (also costume and sound design)

The main character in Henrik Ibsen's 1892 play "The Master Builder" exclaims: "The younger generation will come knocking at my door." One hundred years after his death, new generations are doing just that, in ways he could never have imagined. "The Lady from the Sea" is most probably Ibsen's most poetic and melancholy play. It examines the life of Ellida Wangel, a woman torn between duties of home and family and the claims of a romantic figure from her past.

The mermaid from the folk tale asks for freedom - forced to stay on earth, she will surely die. Ellida is imprisoned on Earth and haunted by a mysterious sailor from her past. He may be her other self, linking her to the Sea. She is like the mermaid asking to be rescued. Surprisingly, she gets what she yearns for. Her freedom comes from deep affection. She is grateful but decides to stay on earth recognizing the human sense of life and love.

The emotional view of the universe is the foundation of Kropka Theatre. Jolanta Juszkiewicz strongly believes that theatre is a means of expressing human qualities, emotions and concerns that are often difficult to articulate. Theatre has the unique capacity to raise questions, which have to be answered individually. Theatre contributes to our sense of identity and can offer fresh insights that break through social and cultural barriers.

The show is based on visual images. The text and the movement are interacting and are equally important - the text is the music to the movement and the movement is the music for the text. Language is not a priority.

Language: English
Length: 50 minutes

Production of Kropka Theatre, Sydney

German premiere