5th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
10 to 17 November 2006 Kiel GERMANY

Sunday, November 12 | 18:00 | Schauspielhaus (Studio)

performed by Latefa Ahrrare (Morocco/United Arab Emirates)

written by Mohammed Said Al-Danahani

directed by Latefa Ahrrare; stage design by Sana Cheddal; light design by Abeldhay Seghrouchni

”The Last Night” is a play about a young, unmarried Arab woman who dreams about finding love and freedom. She is an ambitious and aspiring person who would like to assert and define herself away from the constraints of patriarchal system in which she grew up. The rules forced upon her make her feel reified and dehumanised. After the death of her mother, her father demands that she takes on the role of his housekeeper. The ”last night” stands for the moment of decision, coping with one's predicament. Latefa's protagonist is an intelligent, versatile young woman who rebels against the outside structures that rule her life. She wants to be heard and apprehended; her rebellion should open new possibilities for herself and for other women.

Latefa said about herself: “When I was young, I had this recurring dream about becoming an astronaut. I didn't know then why I dreamt this, but when I became an actress, I understood that the conquest of space starts with longing to take control over one's body, to hold it and then reach out to others to become complete. It's like searching the Other in order to consolidate the Self. From the moment I first read it, the text moved me deeply as an actress and a person of Moroccan, Arab and African origin, whose identity is truly multiple”.

Latefa won the prize for he best actress at the national festival in Meknes in 2003.

Language: Arabic
Length: 50 minutes

Production of Monodrama Forum ITI/UNESCO

Kindly supported by Goethe-Institute

German premiere, in cooperation with Theater an der Ruhr in Mühlheim