IV International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
12 - 19 November, 2004, Kiel / Germany

nstaltungsorte I veranstalter

19.11.04 | 20:00 | Pumpe

By and with: Alexander Thomas

Duration: approx. 75 min.
Language: English

Willie Thomas, an overworked, alcoholic, African-American father, passes on a legacy of self-hate and anger to his four sons: Jimmy, Wesley, Cleve and the youngest, Alex. Each finds his own way to digest this legacy – Jimmy through hard drugs, Wes through petty crime, Cleve through education and the arts. The older brothers are seen through the eyes of young Alex, who had a pitchfork thrown at him by his father during a drunken rage. He desperately searches for self-definition as he attempts to both emulate and separate himself from his brothers and father. His search crystallizes when his father's true story is revealed.
Throw Pitchfork explores serious terrain with much comedy. It began as a 15 minute a day writing exercise by actor/writer Alexander Thomas, and grew into an autobiographical account that transcends his own cultural specifics as it focuses on our infinite search for self-definition.