III International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 9 March, 2003, Kiel / Germany
symposium and workshop



Niels Heuser – Germany

The show is based on Franz Kafka's evolution-satire. A former ape presents his report to a meeting of the scientific Academy. Less than five years ago, he was captured by the Hagenbeck Zoo Company in the jungles of West Africa. He was wounded in the cheek and the remaining red scar earned him the name Red Peter. While on the ship returning to Europe, the ape came to the realization that there was no way out: "I was pinned down." Even if he should escape from his cage, he knew there would be no way to go home. However, the ape developed a profound inward calm, thanks in part to the kindness of the ship's crew. His close observation of the crew and other humans allowed him to imitate them. In general, they were easy to imitate, although some of the viler human habits like drinking schnapps were more difficult to get used to. Finally, he realized that the only way to stay out of the zoo was to become human enough to perform as an ape-turned-human on the vaudeville stage. That's what he did. In 1998 Niels Heuser received a national award for young actors for his stunning presentation of Red Peter.

Duration: 50 minutes (without a break)

Language: German

Wednesday, 05.03., 17.00, KULTURFORUM, STADTGALERIE