2. Internationales Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2. bis 8. März 2001 Kiel, Deutschland


Hans-Christian Hoth -Germany

A walking tour through invisible cities, imaginary museums, places behind the mirrors. Roman Sürtiker, a surrealist romantic played by Hans-Christian Hoth from Kiel, takes us on a walk through peculiar places and minds. We accompany him as he finds himself in an alley of current news, in a philosophers’ street, in a street where nothing is ever being repaired, in a road of small neuroses which is endlessly long, in an actors’ alley, in a square of common sense, and many more. At the end, he suffers such an identity crisis that he does not know if he is still himself or maybe just the revolving door in a registration office.

Hans-Christian Hoth’s literary cabaret production is a stage adaptation of the poetic cycle La Ville imaginaire by the Austrian writer Rudolf Stibill.

75 minutes; in German

Tuesday, March 6 /Studio im Schauspielhaus/ 21:30 (out of competition)