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6th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
07.-14.11.2008 Kiel GERMANY

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Sunday, 09.11. | 20:00 | Theater im Werftpark

written by Paul Shipton, adapted for the stage by Karin Eppler, Gerd Ritter and Daniela Merz
performed by Horst Stenzel

Actually, Bug Muldoon is not a bug at all, but a beetle. It has all the talents of a good private detective: he is clever, courageous and cool - and has a big mouth. This six-legged doppelgänger of the legendary Philip Marlowe accepts the job to find a lost earwig and gets into big trouble when he literally stirs up a hornets' nest...

directed by Jens Raschke
stage and costume design by Sibylle Meyer

Produced by Theater Kiel

language: German | length: 70 minutes | not in contest