6th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
07.-14.11.2008 Kiel GERMANY


Friday, 14.11. | 20:00 | St. Nikolai Church | Alter Markt

written by Juni Dahr and John Morrow
performed by Juni Dahr

It's 1425, the time of the Hundred Years' War. Joan, a 13-years-old French peasant girl from Lorraine, hears divine voices telling her to drive out the English from her country and bring the Dauphin to Reims for his coronation. After some military efforts, Joan is captured by the Burgundians in 1430 and sold to the English who turn her over to the Holy Inquisition. At the age of 19 Joan is burned at the stake for heresy on May 30, 1431.

With an intriguing collage of contemporary texts, the acclaimed Norwegian actress Juni Dahr manages to tell a fascinating story about passion and devotion that had inspired playwrights like William Shakespeare, George B. Shaw and Bertolt Brecht.

Die world premiere of "Joan of Arc - Vision through Fire" took place in Los Angeles in 1988. Since then, Juni Dahr has become one of Scandinavia's most renowned theatre actresses. She performed at THESPIS in 2001 ("Kristin Lavransdatter") and in 2004 ("Ibsen Women").

directed by John Morrow
music by Chris Poole

With the kind support of the Norwegian Embassy, Berlin and Color Line, Kiel

language: English | length: 60 minutes | German premiere

Friday, 14.11. | 21:30 | Pumpe

Hosted by Hans-Christian Hoth
The jury: Tomek Borkowy (Edinburgh), Gad Kaynar (Tel Aviv), Valery Khasanov (Moscow), Birute Mar (Vilnius), Daniel Karasek (Kiel, honorary member) and others – will announce the award winners.