6th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
07.-14.11.2008 Kiel GERMANY


Monday, 10.11. | 20:00 | Pumpe

based on an essay by Karel Čapek
performed by Elena Kharitonova

Be honest: What do you really know about how a theatre play is made? What do you know about all the hard work needed prior to your taking a seat and having a "nice evening"? You don't know a thing about it. But that can change thanks to Karel Čapek (1890-1938), a Czech writer, director, critic, poet, journalist, philosopher and translator, and his fictitious lecture "How a Theatre Play comes into Being". Written with great intelligence and humour, it explains that the ingredients for a successful theatre evening are of inhuman, superhuman and human nature. Theatre is like war and gamble in one - the outcome is unknown until the end.

Elena Kharitonova is member of the ensemble of the renowned Moscow Maly Theatre (the oldest dramatic theatre in Russia). Oleg Skivko from the theatre of Samara also directed "Until the Third Cock's Crow" (THESPIS 2001).

directed by Oleg Skivko

Produced by the International Monodrama Festival ITI, Moscow

language: Russian | length: 60 minutes | German premiere