6th International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
07.-14.11.2008 Kiel GERMANY


Saturday, 08.11. | 18:00 | Theater im Werftpark

LIGHT SKY [Palestine/Switzerland]
written by Ghassân Zaqtân
performed by Tahani Salim

While there's a curfew outside her door, a woman is sitting in her flat in Ramallah. She is craving for a smoke but the cigarettes are on the balcony and she can't go out - there are snipers on the other side of the street. Imprisoned in the privacy of her home, she is thinking about her own life and about the lives of the people that were close to her. There's Maryam who dated a married man and became a victim of an “honour” killing. And there's her mother, hoping to come back to Ramallah, who died alone in exile with the key to her abandoned house on a chain around her neck.

The Palestinian actress Tahani Salim was born 1967 in Syria, studied acting in Amman and came to Switzerland in 2002, where she met the actress and director Susanne-Marie Wrage.

directed by Susanne-Marie Wrage
translated by Urs Goesken, Günther Orth
stage and costume design by Renate Wünsch
video design by nlc
light design by Matthias Keller
stage management: Barbara Stocker (GO Theaterproduktionen)

A co-production of Schlachthaus Theater, Bern, the Palestinian National Theatre, Jerusalem and GO Theaterproduktionen, Zürich

language: German | length: 45 minutes | German premiere