III International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 9 March, 2003, Kiel / Germany
symposium and workshop



Hiroyo Kitao – Japan

Two dance pieces, one theme: the search for physical perception and sensibility. "When I dance", says Hiroyo Kitao, "I try to encourage the audience to visit their inner selves; in order to do this they have to feel their body". CONCUBINE'S SLEEP deals with the confusion of senses in the areas of conflict between appearances and reality. THE SOLILOQUY/MURMUR OF A FLYING AMOEBA is about the "self expansion phenomenon": trying to think through the body in order to express issues latent in the human psyche. Evoking mental images to express hidden concepts is the artistŐs goal. Hiroyo Kitao started solo dance performances in Osaka in 1991, and in 1996 she founded her contemporary dance group Esqui:nouver. 1999-2001 she was physiotherapist during Pina Bausch's Wuppertal Tanztheater France and Japan tour.

Duration: 70 minutes (without a break)

Friday, 07.03., 20.00, THEATER IM WERFTPARK