2. Internationales Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2. bis 8. März 2001 Kiel, Deutschland


Maha Al-Saleh - Syria

The time has come to a standstill for Aishä at 2:30 on a day 30 years ago. That day she was supposed to meet her lover Hamido, a lute player, to elope. Her tyrannical father, who would rather have a son than a daughter, wanted to force her to marry another man so she decided to escape. Hamido, however, did not show up and Aishe went back home to find that her father had just passed away. After all these years, Aishe is still waiting, guarding her precious memories like a true treasure. Aishe’s story is an example for women’s oppression and discrimination; as a young girl, she had been brutally beaten up by her father when she stood up for her mistreated mother.

Maha Al-Saleh, a well-known Syrian actress, plays both victims and culprits with remarkable insight.

Written by: Hakim Marzouki; Directed by: Roula Fattal

50 minutes; in Arabic

Friday, March 2 / Studio im Schauspielhaus/ 21:00