II International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 8 March, 2001, Kiel / Germany

Symposium about theatre criticism:


Omar Sangare -Poland

Omar Sangare, who also wrote and directed the play, presents us with a variation on George Bernard Shaw’s taunt about teachers: "…and those who can´t teach, becomes critics". His character is a theatre critic who has tried to become a successful artist, but he was not even admitted at a drama school and also failed as playwright and director. He rebels against the mediocrity of his surroundings and accuses everyone of lack of understanding for his sensibility and his imagined artism. He appears on stage out of breath -a theatre premiere has just come to an end and he takes the lid off his old typewriter to start another review and judge all those petty-minded, whose rejection he had to endure. Nobody in the theatre is safe from his scathing and cynical criticism -even the audience gets its share.

60 minutes; in English

Monday, March 5 /KulturForum in der Stadtgalerie/ 20:30

Following Omar Sangare’s performance, there will be a discussion with theatre critics from different countries to which all interested persons are invited

Symposium about theatre criticism:

Discussion with Ludwik Flaszen

Ludwik Flaszen, a critic and writer of Polish origin living in Paris, wrote a considerable piece of the history of the modern theatre, as, together with Jerzy Grotowski, he founded and directed the theatre "Laboratorium". He will speak about his eventful theatre life and discuss theatre issues with interested participants. Admission free.

Ludwik Flaszen speaks French and will be translated into English.

Tuesday, March 6 /KulturForum in der Stadtgalerie/ 16:00