II International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 8 March, 2001, Kiel / Germany


Conor Lovett -Ireland

Conor Lovett`s solo performance brings out the master comedian in Beckett. The play is the outstanding adaption of Samul Beckett´s early novel Molloy: It is a grimly humourous tale of a wandering hobo on an epic bicycle journey to find his aged mother (with whom he communicates by knocking on her skull). His misadventures - he is arrested for indecently resting, interrogated, released and almost rearrested for running over a dog who was on it´s way to be put down and whose owner insists Molloy helps bury it in return for having killed it - are recounted with the rambling, impromptu-style and first-person confessional attitude of the best stand-up comedians. You can almost see Molloy´s brain grinding away inside Lovett´s shaved skull, masticating his words, grappling with the unfamiliar task of communication.

"Lovett´s performance is a superb piece of nihilistic comedy" (Sunday Times).

Directed by: Judy Hegarty; Stage design: Judy Hegarty, Conor Lovett

60 minutes; in English

Wednesday, March 7 / Studio im Schauspielhaus / 21:00