II International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 8 March, 2001, Kiel / Germany


Juni Dahr -Norway

Juni Dahr, one of the best-known Norwegian actresses, plays the protagonist in this exceedingly successful stage version based on the trilogy by the Nobel Prize winner Sigrid Undset. Kristin grows up in a sheltered environment in the 14th century Norway. Everything changes as she meets Erlend. Her passionate love for him overwhelms both her body and soul involving her even in a murder conspiracy. Kristin’s life with Erlend is unhappy and disappointing and she is left alone with her family duties and responsibilities. Most of her children die during a plague and finally she dies as well. Kristin is a deeply religious person at all stages of her life. She is very human and certainly not a heroine but she also proves herself capable of selfless actions.

Two excellent jazz musicians accompany Juni Dahr’s empathic performance: Arild Andersen (bass) and Tore Brunborg (saxophone).

Stage design: Juni Dahr, Kristin Olsoni, Aimée M. Harnes

90 minutes; in Norwegian

Sunday, March 4 /Studio im Schauspielhaus/ 18:00