II International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 8 March, 2001, Kiel / Germany

Lecture: THESPIS

Prof. Dr. Ernst-Richard Schwinge from Kiel University speaks about Thespis, creator of the antique drama.

Wednesday, March 7 /Antikensammlung. Kunsthalle zu Kiel/ 19:00


Birute Marcinkeviciute -Lithuania

This solo performance is based on Sophocles’ famous tragedy: Oedipus’ sons, Eteocles and Polynices, agreed to rule Thebes in alternate years, but Eteocles refused to step down at the end of his first year. Polynices then raised an army and led it against his city. The battle ended with both brothers dead, killed by each other’s hand. Their uncle, Creon, who assumed power in Thebes, declared that, as he was the protector of the city, Eteocles’ body would be properly buried, but Polynices would be left unburied on the battlefield. But Antigone decided to disobey. She performed a ceremonial burial -a simple sprinkling of dust over her brother’s body, was apprehended by the guards and sentenced to death by Creon.

Birute Marcinkeviciute, actress with the Lithuanian National Theatre, was inspired by the ancient tragedy and musicality of it´s language and asked: What could a contemporary "chorus" look like? How to break away from the space of traditional stage, too cramped for the tragedy? That´s how the idea of videoprojection was born: to create the performance as a sequence of video images... to make a contrast by putting together outsize figures of chorus and the small, fragile figure of Antigone.

Video director: Andrius Jakucionis; Music: Antanas Kucinskas; Design: Jolanta Rimkute

40 minutes; in Lithuanian

Wednesday, March 7 / Antikensammlung. Kunsthalle zu Kiel/ 19:30 (out of competition)