II International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 8 March, 2001, Kiel / Germany


Oleg Belov -Russia

The subtitle of the story by a well-known director and author Vasili Shukshin adapted for stage in a shortened version by Oleg Skivko is: A tale of Ivan the Blockhead who travelled three times through nine countries to get wiser. We can see a gathering of figures from classic Russian literature in a library and Oleg Belov plays them all. They are sending the stupid Ivan to a sage to acquire a cleverness certificate. Ivan takes the road and meets several imaginary figures - again, Belov is all of them and proves a great talent in quick transformation. He changes from the "poor Lisa" (a story by Karam Sin) to a petty bureaucrat Akaky Akakievich (Gogol’s "The Overcoat"), is a three-headed dragon, a devil, a monk and many others. At the end he comes back not only with the required certificate, but also with the sage’s seal.

70 minutes; in Russian

Friday, March 2 / Die Pumpe/ 18:40