II International Monodrama Festival THESPIS
2 - 8 March, 2001, Kiel / Germany


Gareth Armstrong -England

Shylock. A villain? A victim? Gareth Armstrong´s play confronts and confounds the stereotypes through the eyes of Shylock´s only friend -and the only other Jewish man in all of Shakespeare -Tubal. Promoted to centre stage from his minor role in The Merchant of Venice he proves a born comic storyteller. Armstrong tells about anti-Semitism throughout European history and reveals astonishing facts from 400 years of interpretative tradition of the Merchant which was often determined by racial and religious intolerance.. Celebrating the richness of Shakespeare´s language and conjuring up a whole cast of characters from Portia to Pontius Pilatus, from Antonio to Lorenzo, and from Dracula to the "Wandering Jew" this dazzling, moving often hilarious play is a fascinating exploration of Shylock and his people.

As a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company Gareth Armstrong played in Stratford and at the Aldych in London. Shakespeare has taken him to over thirty countries worldwide.

"With a leer, a wink, a shrug, he can express more than words can say… a tour de force for Gareth Armstrong who is, in a word, brilliant" (Jewish Bulletin, San Francisco).

Directed by: Frank Barrie

90 minutes, with a break; in English

Tuesday, March 6 /Die Pumpe/ 19:00